Gina Greco, the Executive Director of Portfolio MasterClass and Yasmeen Mezenner, a creative professional and student at Portfolio MasterClass were featured on the most recent podcast of This Week in Marketing from AMA San Diego! They joined the show to discuss a number of different topics including some brainstorming ideas and tips for businesses of all sizes!

The podcast’s first segment with Gina and Yasmeen is all about creativity in marketing campaigns. They touch on various campaigns that have worked well and how to find those fundamental and simple ideas that are an integral part to any marketing campaign.

Next the group, discusses a few examples of marketing in traditionally "boring" industries, which leads into Gina sharing one of her student’s ads for a company called Purple Mattress titled, Dumb Ways to Die! Spoiler alert, there are no "boring" industries, just unimaginative teams.

Check out Dumb Ways to Die below:

We then touched on building a team and offered tips to fellow marketing departments who need to put together a team and solid ideas for their marketing channels. We cover the steps that those teams should follow when formulating briefs and curating content for all the different touch-points that the customer desires.

According to the hosts, the final segment with Gina and Yasmeen could be AMA San Diego’s most fun discussion to date! The group covers brainstorming and demonstrate a few fun ideas that Gina and her students leverage for companies. Gina share’s some brainstorming techniques and includes her favorites, which are Idea mapping, Emulating, and the "What If?" game.

As discussed during the podcast check out some local companies that have done a great job with varying marketing materials:

Check out the show below and thanks for listening!