Art + Copy Direction: Direct Concepts, Manage Projects & Clients

Learn about Copy/Art and Direction and create new work.

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About This Course

Do you want to move to the role of Copy or Art Director? If so, you'll need to develop and showcase the skills that will allow you to make the leap.

As a Director, you work on the creative side & as a Director you'll work on the direction (or business) side.

This course covers both.

In addition, you'll learn to work with a carefully crafted set of contracts and forms that help you organize, estimate, and bill work. That's essential if you want to freelance. This “must-have” knowledge will help you understand art and copy direction, whether you plan to do it for an agency, studio, or as a freelancer.

This course is filled with tools, templates, resources, and articles and each session is broken down into manageable lessons to help you get started.


Creative Directors set the tone, feel, and style of design and advertising projects.

In this course you'll get:

  • An understanding of the roles and responsibilities of an art/copy director.
  • Weekly assignments to apply your newly learned direction skills.
  • Guidance and feedback while you create an integrated advertising campaign.
  • A step-by-step walk through of important documents, contracts and forms that every art director should know.

I’ve loaded up this course with proprietary tools, links, articles, samples, and more that you can use forever. In the end, you’ll gain the understanding needed for success.


As an Art or Copy Director, not only will you oversee the creative side of a project, but you will manage the business and organizational side --- and you'll act as a bridge between the two.

Course Curriculum


Art and Copy Directors keep projects on track with a thoughtful roadmap and a clear sense of direction.

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Your Instructor

Dr. Gina Greco
Dr. Gina Greco

Years ago I saw that creative bootcamps, portfolio schools, and most design and ad programs aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. There is no good fit for the working adult or for the student who needs to learn remotely. Plus, the one-size-fits-all portfolio doesn’t work for career opportunities that are opening up in creative industries, every day.

As Co-founder of Portfolio Studio and Founder of Portfolio MasterClass, I’ve tailored my courses to fit HOW students want to learn through self-directed studies, small group learning, team, and one-on-one courses. The teaching methods I use can help you develop your creative thinking and unique talents for transformation.

My grads have landed jobs in top-notch agencies and studios in the US and around the world. They’ve won numerous awards including ADDYs, Clios, and recognition in publications including Print, Archive, CMYK, & Applied Arts.

When we work together, I’ll tailor a very specific path for you, to meet your career and creative goals.


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