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Pair Up - A Creative Technique for You for Valentines Day

Pair Up and the Morphological Matrix. Two Tools that generate ideas (by bringing things together). If you aspire to do big things in the creative industry, you need to be able to generate concepts. Using proven techniques will help. Here is one that I LOVE and wanted to share on this Valentines...


Creative Competitions are Calling For Entries

The New Year Starts Off the Competition Season January is the month when award show competitions begin. Things this year may be a bit different. Submissions and judging may be handled remotely. Award shows might be virtual. You'll need to expect some glitches and rule changes. But, wouldn't it...


Design and Copywriting Portfolios: 10 Tips From Creative Professionals

Improve Your Portfolio There is no getting around it. Portfolios are required for jobs in graphic design, copywriting, web and mobile design, digital strategy and art direction. And, the better your portfolio, the better your job prospects. Since the industry is always changing, here’s 10...


Defining the Jobs of Visual Designer, UX/UI/UXD Designer, Graphic Designer and Art Director, So That You Can Make a Change

We've just come off record-setting employment where everyone was working with more projects than they could handle. Hopefully, after a few challenging months, things will get back to where they were. If not, and we face a more difficult employment picture, let's be ready. In this article, I...


How to Build (or Refresh) an Agency Copywriting Portfolio

When giving advice to aspiring writers, many famous wordsmiths have said something to the effect of, "if you want to be a writer, start writing." The thing is, when it comes to nabbing a job as a copywriting in a competitive field such as advertising, there is much more to it. Before they’ll...