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Podcast With Brandon Solis - Integrated Strategy Director at R/GA

Brandon Solis is an Integrated Strategy Director at R/GA, and a great friend (and instructor/mentor) at Portfolio MasterClass. He recently recorded this podcast with We Are Next, where he shared his career story - from his nontraditional start in advertising through his swift career advancement....


Creativity For Marketing Teams

Gina Greco, the Executive Director of Portfolio MasterClass and Yasmeen Mezenner, a creative professional and student at Portfolio MasterClass were featured on the most recent podcast of This Week in Marketing from AMA San Diego! They joined the show to discuss a number of different topics...


How to Build a Copywriting Portfolio

When giving advice to aspiring writers, many famous wordsmiths have said something to the effect of, "if you want to be a writer, start writing." The thing is, when it comes to nabbing a job as a copywriting in a competitive field such as advertising, there is much more to it. Before they’ll...